The authentic taste of Cornwall is closer than you might think, following the opening of a new shop in Tamworth.

Oggy Oggy - the Cornish Pasty Company - has launched at 1 Middle Entry in town.

Owner and manager, Mark Callaway, discovered the concept while on holiday in Cornwall.

He said: "I have always loved holidays in Cornwall and part of that enjoyment has to be the food - Cornish pasties and cream teas are hard to beat.

"I had the idea of bringing authentic Cornish fare up to my local Midlands area and the Oggy Oggy Cornish Pasty Company was a natural choice - their awardwinning pasties are fantastic.

"Our's is a real traditional Cornish pasty shop," he added.

It stocks a range from traditional steak to lamb and mint plus vegetarian.

The Oggy Oggy pasties are all made in Cornwall and are hand-crimped in the traditional Cornish style before being frozen for delivery to Tamworth.

They are then baked fresh on site.

In addition to the pasty range, Oggy Oggy also sells Cornish Cream Teas with clotted cream.