A Bedworth-based company is scoring worldwide success after netting half its sales via the internet.

The firm - called 4Club&Country - designs and manufactures football shirts which combine the colours of a supporter's club team with their national team.

The company began by combining Coventry City shirts with the home nations before adding Pakistan, India and China as ethnic hybrids.

Now more than 20 clubs in the UK are working with the sportswear firm - and talks with Manchester United about a possible link will continue early this year.

A key component in the firm's success has been the internet, says Dave Charnley, who started the firm with Paul Sullivan. He set up a website, with help from the West Midlands' e-business centre of excellence, The National B2B Centre.

Aside from sales, it has attracted attention from some unusual places around the world.

"The National B2B Centre was important to us when we were setting up the website and they helped our online sales get off the ground," Mr Charnley said.

"Our website has provided 50 per cent of sales and certain clubs, such as Coventry City and Southampton, have links on their online shops to our website.

"We're currently having around 2,500 unique hits each week and we get requests from all around the world - we had someone in Uzbekistan requesting the country and Coventry City on a shirt.

"We are looking to expand over the next few years. We will start to gear up to the World Cup in 2010 which will be huge opportunity for us."

The firm recently completed an order for 1,500 shirts from Aston Villa, along with orders of 1,000 shirts for Derby and Southampton.

And Mr Charnley is optimistic that the company's online presence can help it to gain strength in the European and international markets.

He said: "It feels to some extent that we are scratching the surface, because there is no reason why this will not catch on if we were to start focusing on Spanish or Italian teams.

"We'll continue to expand our base in the UK, and we're hopeful that our presence on the net will play a massive part in our future success."

James Pennington, of the National B2B Centre, said: "Ten years ago a company like this would have needed to spend thousands just to advertise its idea in the local area. It would have needed a shop and had to spend thousands more on rent.

"With the power of an online store, it has promoted its shirts to Midlands' football fans and other clubs throughout the country. Fans from across the world have been able to purchase shirts - and give essential feedback which can shape its future endeavours."