Teams at KPMG are giving support to the merger of two charities with over 50 years experience between them of working with vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

SIFA (Supporting Independence from Alcohol) has worked particularly with street drinkers and rough sleepers, while the Fireside Charity has focused on homeless and unemployed people and those with a mental health problem.

At the launch to be held at KPMG's offices in Cornwall Street, Birmingham, people who have been helped by the two charities will be able to share their experiences.

SIFA Fireside offers targeted support with a wide range of services which include the provision of meals, shower and laundry facilities.

As well as that it helps to get people back into independent living through advice on housing, work and training, and supported accommodation where people learn the skills to cope without drinking.

SIFA Fireside's chief executive, Cath Gilliver, said: "This is a great opportunity for us to raise public awareness of the vital work we do at the heart of our city supporting people on the edges of society, and we are extremely grateful to KPMG for sponsoring the launch."