A Birmingham market focused on organic, free range and locally grown produce has created 150 jobs.

The former Old Royal Oak pub at Hockley Heath has undergone a #3 million refurbishment to become home to the new 18,000 sq ft market - the first of its kind in the UK.

Called ORO The Market Place, the business will include fruit stalls, a butchery, bakery, a fishmonger, a wine section, a big selection of cheeses and a restaurant and cafeteria.

The project was developed by Stephen Smith and business partners Paul and Frances Owen whose company Pub Management also owns the Beeches Restaurant and Bar at Hampton-in-Arden.

Mr Smith said: "Our company is in control of the entire operation and there is no input from any of the major food chains.

"We are different because we enjoy food and our aim is to put before our customers a clear identity of our suppliers.

"We are also creating a contract of trust between the supplier and the consumer. We want to get back to the days when markets offered their customers samples of what was on the stalls."

The The Market Place has already secured 24 main suppliers with free-range pork coming from Herefordshire, Scottish beef and free-range chickens from farms in the Midlands.

"Any customers expecting to walk into an all-year-round environment without any recognition of the seasons will be in for a surprise," said Mr Smith

"Our customers will not be able to buy strawberries and other seasonal products 365 days of the year. We shall be mindful of the seasons."