A team of researchers at the University of Birmingham is looking for help in a study into the effects of Rover's decline. Around 6,300 workers lost their jobs when MG Rover collapsed in 2005 with several thousand more hit in the supply chain.

The project aims to understand how the loss of employment arising from the closure of Longbridge has affected the well-being of ex-workers and their families and impacts on neighbourhoods - in particular on employment prospects, job quality, health, family and social cohesion and housing issues. The project is being put together by the university's Business School and the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies in the School of Public Policy.

Professor David Bailey, of Birmingham Business School, said: "We are looking for former Rover employees to talk about how they have been affected by the closure, what support they have had, what work, education or training they have taken up, whether they have been unemployed, how they feel about their new jobs and whether the experience has affected their health."

The researchers will also look at the policy response before and after closure. Contact details to 0800 0144354.