A new exhibition catering to the micro manufacturing sector is to take place at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena later this year.

MM Live 2008, which takes place in October, will feature a series of free seminars each led by experts from around the globe.

The seminars are designed to give a complete overview of the micro manufacturing technology spectrum and give newcomers an introduction to the manufacture of precision micro components.

Design engineers and manufacturers will be able to look beyond the size parameters that have until now limited their ability to innovate.
It is now feasible to manufacture extremely small products pan-industrially and companies all over the world are embracing the potential this offers.

Chairing the seminars will be Professor Duc Pham from the MEC, Cardiff and speakers include: Donna Bibber from Micro Engineering Solutions in the US; Peter Manser of the Centre for Micro & Nano Moulding in the UK; Arthur Turner, of Deckel Grinders in the UK; Jonathan Montgomery, of SmalTec in the US; Wally Cruz, of Wallyco in Puerto Rico; and Svetan Ratchev, of Precision Manufacturing Group in the UK.

MM Live is set to provide the industry with the first and only forum in the UK for micro manufacturing professionals to discover more about the technologies and services on offer.

The event is expected to be fully subscribed so companies have been advised to pre-register their interest. Full details are available on the website – www.micro-show.com.