Vehicle auctions are receiving a surge of interest as savvy motorists look to secure their next motor at a bargain price.

One specialist, CarandVanAuctions,, says it dealt with 5,000 extra customers in a recent 30 day period, a rise of 59 per cent over the same period last year.

The company described business as “astonishing for the time of year” as motoring website trade usually falls off after the September registration plate change and in the run up to Christmas.

Marketing manager Richard Lawton said: “This is brilliant news for auction houses across the country and demonstrates the ingenuity of British motorists who have realised that they can secure a high quality vehicle for a reasonable price through motor auctions.

“More traffic to our website means more people visiting auction houses.”

Autions appeal to car buyers across the spectrum, from the buyers of the rare and highly valuable collection of vehicles at a RM Auction in London, who recently saw a McLaren F1 supercar go for £2.5 million, to motorists of more limited means.