Birmingham businesses concerned about their future energy supplies are being given the opportunity to plug into the debate at a briefing with the Major Energy Users Council (MEUC).

As the UK prepares for a general election, large to medium-sized businesses have been given a voice at a series of road shows in March to discuss concerns over the energy gap, and share energy efficiency and carbon reduction plans with each other and the MEUC.

The council represents industrial and commercial customers to Government, regulators and the supply industry.

A briefing takes place at the NEC’s Toute Suite on March 18 to clarify the future energy situation and the implications for business in the light of recent reports predicting shortages and high prices, and the considerations of the UK moving to a low carbon economy.

“Business needs clear signals from the next government that maintaining adequate electricity and gas supplies at competitive prices over the next five years will be a priority,” said Andrew Buckley, MEUC’s director general.

The MEUC believes that predictions of a potential energy gap by 2015 and the costs involved in moving to a low carbon economy, estimated in the order of £200 billion, are creating uncertainties for businesses as they plan their recovery.

Mr Buckley added: “Much planning has been directed towards responding to climate change and businesses are already playing their part in reducing emissions. But what are needed urgently are clear guidelines to allow the market to deliver the necessary supplies. Customers also need to know what costs are likely to kick in for overhauling our energy supply base.”