EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation has launched a week long campaign to promote manufacturing in the West Midlands - and debunk the myth that the UK has lost its manufacturing base.

Manufacturing Week will take place from March 1-5 and is part of a long running campaign designed to promote the success of the sector and policies to promote a better balanced economy.

The week will begin on Monday, March 1, and will involve a series of regional and national events around the UK aimed at manufacturers, politicians of all parties including prospective parliamentary candidates and the media.

These will include site visits to companies for sitting and prospective candidates, with the week culminating in the launch of EEF’s manufacturing manifesto.

During Manufacturing Week, Regional Minister Ian Austin will meet with EEF member companies in the West Midlandsto discuss how the government can help manufacturers and a website has been set up that will contain case studies of world leading companies and letters to prospective parliamentary candidates inviting them to visit facilities and show their support for the sector.

EEF Midlands regional director Martin Wassell said: “This week will give the perfect opportunity to celebrate the success of manufacturing and tell politicians and the public why manufacturing is so important to our future. We have to tackle the myth that the UKdoesn’t have a manufacturing sector and set out how our sector can take a more important role than it has done in the recent past

“Our over-reliance on financial services has been exposed during the recession and the shift to a more balanced economy will require the next government of whatever colour to think and act differently. It’s a huge task but we have to start now.”

Companies wishing to get involved in the week and the campaign can do so by visiting the manufacturing week website