BMW’s Hams Hall engine plant has renewed its partnership with Lichfield Festival marking a ten-year milestone in an award-winning relationship.

The engine plant will be putting its weight behind the festival’s Aspire Learning and Participation programme, with special emphasis on the Luminosity Science Day, which will see science and the arts come together.

The partnership between the Hams Hall plant and the acclaimed Midlands arts festival was officially recognised last year when it won the top prize in the Long-term Partnership category at the National Arts & Business Awards.

“Over the last decade we have worked hard to really bring our partnership with the festival to life,” said BMW Hams Hall plant director, Nick Spencer.

“We very much welcome the plans to extend the scope of the Aspire programme with the launch of ‘Science Day’.

“Looking forward and shaping the future is a key focus for BMW and as we prepare for production of the next generation of engines at our plant, it is vital that we encourage young people to enjoy and develop an interest in subjects such as science and maths.”

Nick Sedgwick, chairman of Lichfield Festival, said: “This partnership has thrived because we share the same core values of high quality and commitment to innovation.

“We have been very lucky to find a business that not only understands our dedication to producing enriching experiences but has also sustained its support in order to help us develop a wider range of experiences for people in this region.”

The 2013 Lichfield Festival, which takes place from July 4-14, will feature more than 60 music, literary, comedy, theatre and art events, as well as a programme of education activities for school groups and individuals.