One of the world’s greatest fashion frustrations could well be a thing of the past thanks to a new invention born in the heart of Birmingham.

Gary Bryant, who has been involved in design and prototyping for over 30 years, believes he has come up with a solution to stop women and men losing stud earrings ever again.

The earring back uses a so-called ‘‘slide on, squeeze to release’’ grip mechanism that aims to secure the earring more effectively than the traditional ‘‘backs’’.

Branded Aloxia, the patent pending design has already been exhibited at the Clothes Show and Mr Bryant is currently negotiating with a TV shopping channel. The product will be officially launched at the International Spring Fair on February 5.

“It all started when my wife kept losing earrings – at work, the hairdressers, the gym, during a night out and even watching TV. The standard backs kept falling off and it was driving her mad,” said Mr Bryant.

“Talking to lots of women, I realised this was a common problem plaguing the fashion world and this got me thinking that there had to be a simple solution.”

Working from his small workshop at home, Mr Bryant has developed the product that is now being manufactured, assembled and packed in the Midlands.

Supported by Innovation Networks and the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) with product development and manufacture, the company hopes to create up to five jobs in the local supply chain in the coming year.

“There are millions of stud earrings sold worldwide and market research has shown that nine out of 10 consumers have lost an earring or its back,” he said. “This represents a massive opportunity for us and we believe there is nothing like Aloxia currently out there at present. Our product offers the strongest grip ever, is easy to release and is even hypoallergenic.

“People who have tried them love the way they look and now know they can wear their favourite earrings without fear of losing them.”