Truflo Marine has operated from the same site in Witton, Birmingham, since Wilmot Breedon established the original company in 1962.

Truflo originally made valves for the oil and gas market as well as for the naval marine market.

Over the last half-century Truflo has accumulated a wealth of experience in providing high-integrity valves and actuators for use in critical and severe service applications; there more than 120,000 Truflo valves in service in 24 navies worldwide.

During this time, Truflo has helped to maintain the safety of submarine crews.

For example, Hull Valves must withstand the corrosive seawater environment and perform with minimum maintenance for years at a time; reliability must be assured by design.

Any failure would lead to the loss of a vessel within minutes with the loss of many lives.

In addition, Truflo valves are installed in many UK nuclear power plants and as far afield as Sweden and Russia.

Many valves supplied as far back as 1975 are still in service today.

Since May 2006, Truflo has been proud to be a part of Birmingham-based IMI, a FTSE 100 global engineering group focused on the precise control and movement of fluids in critical applications.

Truflo are participating in Birmingham Day with a great sense of pride & achievement.

It is the people of Birmingham past and present who have helped to ensure that Truflo is a prime example of local manufacturing excellence.