Within one month of the old West Works starting to come down, Birmingham-based regeneration specialist St Modwen has launched the next phase of demolition at Longbridge.

This time it is the 300,000 sq ft North Works - the size of eight football pitches - which is to be flattened by demolition contractors Erith over a 20 week period.

The original North Works was part of the first expansion of the Longbridge site during the First World War. After the war tractors, lorries and car axles were manufactured there and in 1928 it became an engine plant.

The buildings were redeveloped several times and the long-lived A-series engine which powered the Austin A30, the Morris Minor and latterly the Mini was built in North Works. The 41-year production run ended in August 2000.

The demolition of the old West and North Works follows rapidly on the removal of the conveyor bridge which for many years dominated the A38 Bristol Road entrance to Birmingham.

Meanwhile, on the former North Works car park the steel frame of the two new buildings forming the first phase of Longbridge Technology Park has been completed.

Mike Murray, of St Modwen, which is regenerating this part of the former car plant with regional development agency Advantage West Midlands, said: "A significant transformation of the Longbridge site is taking place with the demolition of the old works and the construction of the new technology park. After a long gestation period the regeneration is really gathering pace."

The longer term strategy of the overall 342-acre complex is the subject of an Area Action Plan designed to provide a strategic overview for the future of the site and surrounding area. It is being put together by Birmingham City Council and Bromsgrove District Council in conjunction with St Modwen and AWM.

The team is working with independent consultancy Vision 21 to ensure that the public and stakeholders are fully consulted throughout the plan-making process.

A meeting of Longbridge Future Forum and a public exhibition is planned towards the end of October. n Local residents are being given the opportunity to take part in an Issues and Options survey, connected with the consultation process. Details will be published in the forthcoming edition of Future4Longbridge newsletter, or are obtainable on the project website (future4longbridge.co.uk).