As election fever grips the nation in the run up to the general election, Birmingham businesses are already in the middle of casting their vote for something a little different.

To elect the Broad Street Business Improvement District Scheme (BIDS) programme or not is the question in balance.

The BIDS is the first of its kind in Birmingham and one of the first in the UK. The energy of those behind this proposal has been phenomenal and it is crucial that we support them every step of the way.

It is here I give a call to action to all the highly skilled communicators we have within our city marketing and pr contingent to play their part.

For those who aren't yet fully up to speed, the BID has been developed by local businesses for the benefit of local businesses. It encompasses an area of approximately 100 acres between Five Ways and Paradise Circus and Broad Street sits at its core.

The scheme will create and promote a bright, safe and clean environment to support the diverse and thriving community around this area.

Our market and PR gurus have what it takes to spread the BID word and do it well.

They communicate each day, not just to the local and national media, but to the many commercial, industrial and retail clients they deal with day in day out.

These professionals have the ability to make a significant impact on the understanding of BIDS in Birmingham and evoke strength of drive and commitment to achieve its goals.

The reason behind all this activity?

Broad Street's success has brought new challenges. Its diverse range of activities combined with high visitor numbers, particularly during the evenings and weekends, is placing additional pressures on local services and the environment.

Over 300 businesses now support more than 12,000 jobs and provide a driving force for this, the city centres most diverse commercial area with dynamic daytime and evening economies.

It is these companies and organisations that have been invited to vote 'yes' in the ballot that began last week and ends on 26th May.

So let's get behind BIDS and persuade our eligible voters to say yes.

What's in it for me you may ask?

The simple answer is that Broad Street is an economic pot of gold for this city and a world superstar on the international stage.

Let's keep it that way.