With divorce rates on the up, one Birmingham firm has started to run evening legal advice sessions for people who can’t find the time to spare from work.

Young and Lee, based on Bridge Street, near Centenary Square, has started the sessions, which it said were aimed largely at professionals looking to get legal advice without having to give up on their working time.

Marcus Malin, the head of family law at the firm, said: “We are connecting with HR teams in the region to act quickly and decisively to help employees and businesses through this process.

“We have started a drop in surgery every Monday night between 5.30pm and 8.00pm to see people who have jobs which make taking time out difficult. These will be teachers, people in the medical profession, team workers, police officers and so on.

“It is all about becoming part of the company’s team, because time is tight and survival of our business community is key to the region. But with 50 per cent divorce rates this is something that is likely to happen so it makes sense to have an effective procedure to help employees through a difficult time as painlessly as possible.”