Firms throughout the Midlands should welcome moves to halve the 90-day consultation period for redundancies involving 100 or more employees, says a leading regional lawyer.

The Government-led redundancy laws are designed to help businesses respond quickly to changing market conditions, said employment specialist Sally Morris.

Ms Morris is backing the new legislation which, from April 6, slices the consultation period from 90 to 45 days when 100 or more employees are to be made redundant.

She has labelled the new collective redundancy rules as ‘good for business and good for the economy’ which will allow Midland firms to react quicker in tough market conditions without hindering the quality of employee consultations.

The Government’s changes aim to support businesses by improving and streamlining redundancy consultations. There will also be a new code of conduct introduced.

Ms Morris, partner and head of employment at law firm MFG Solicitors, said: “Historically firms have worked under the 90-day consultation rules but undoubtedly hundreds of business leaders across the West Midlands will welcome the new streamlined rules coming in this April.

“That is because the new legislation represents a good compromise of interests and delivers economic benefits on a number of levels.

“From next month, the region’s firms and their HR teams who find themselves having to cull jobs will be able to quickly engage employees in redundancy consultations which are focused and fair – a process which will be shorter and more streamlined.

“It is no secret that businesses are operating in difficult trading conditions at present.

“Therefore the shortened consultation period will ultimately allow firms to react quickly to not only cement their trading positions or to implement a restructure, but ensure they can still undertake quality consultations with staff who may be faced with losing their jobs,” added Ms Morris.