Midlands accountants Nicklin are celebrating a milestone anniversary, clocking up 75 years in business.

The firm, which started out in 1931 as T.A. Nicklin, has evolved over the years to become one of the most respected in the Black Country.

Its motto is the "local firm on your doorstep".

Today, the company, based in Halesowen and Birmingham, employs more than 50 staff and specialists, and offers a range of business services, some unheard of in the 1930's.

"We strongly believe that clients today don't just want their accountants to 'do the books'," said partner Harvey Owen.

"They are looking for business-minded people to address those areas of their business where they believe they need help and expertise."

In addition to its accounts and tax planning business, Nicklin advises on business start-ups, strategic business development, growth plan-ning, management consultancy, corporate finance, recruitment and training advice and retirement and succession planning.

Offshoot HSP Nicklin provides specialist financial services to over 130 GPs across the Birmingham area, reflecting the increasingly commercial and technical way that medical practices are run, while English Mutual (Halesowen) has been launched to offer independent financial advice.

This year has seen the establishment of Nicklin Overseas, which provides specialist help on owning property in Spain.

The company has built a network of Spanish partners to offer a service advising on integrating UK and Spanish laws and taxation to help mitigate inheritance tax liabilities.

"All our new ventures have been driven by a proactive attitude to our clients' needs," said Mr Owen. "This helps us maintain an edge over our competitors and provide our customers with the best all-round financial advice available.

"We've come a long way in 75 years and the business today still runs on the same principles - providing practical, trustworthy, down to earth advice, with local knowledge and a forward thinking approach. This degree of 'hands-on' involvement has become Nicklin's trademark."

Longest established client is Gold & Wassell (Hinges), which Nicklin founder Thomas Alfred Nicklin - 'T.A.' as he is known - helped form in 1932.

Chris Fellows, operations director and fourth generation family member of Gold & Wassell, said: "Nicklin has supported us as throughout our history - 'T.A.' through the slump of the 30's, the war years and beyond.

"Today, the current partners carry on the Nicklin tradition. They have been instrumental in our growth and together we look forward to continued success in the future."

Nicklin is marking its 75th anniversary with a number of celebrations.