Chartered accountant Kendall Wadley - which has offices in Worcester, Malvern and Hereford - is the latest to switch to limited liability partnership.

At the same time, it has launched a new, modern corporate identity that will be rolled out across all its printed items and in all its marketing activities.

Partner Mark Ashworth said: "The change to LLP status enables us to structure and run our business in ways that more closely reflect a standard limited company structure. This will make us more responsive as a business and make us better able to adapt to changes in the professional services industry."

Partner Elizabeth Needham has been spearheading the corporate makeover which will be reflected in letterheads, on its new web site and on all items of print that the firm produces.

She said: "Accountants aren't always seen as the most go-ahead and modern of organisations.

"And to be fair, our old corporate identity was beginning to look a little out of place in a business where we quite rightly have a lot of experience, but which is growing, based on many much younger, qualified members of staff. The average age of our team is something like 30 - whilst from our old corporate identity you might have assumed it was much higher.

"We believe that the new corporate identity says a lot about the firm, about the levels of service we offer our clients."