So, it's open season on Jaguar.

Hyundai has said it isn't interested, but Renault is back in the frame, we have JCB's Sir Anthony Bamford wanting to buy the luxury car maker, and there is private equity interest.

No shortage of possible buyers then. And Ford may be a willing seller.

Ford has said that it is examining whether alliances with other companies may be beneficial, with pundits reck-o ning a tie up with Renault/Nissan would make more sense than Renault/Nissan getting into bed with General Motors. Meanwhile, chairman and chief executive Bill Ford has threatened "radical changes" amongst the company's brand portfolio.

Perhaps, Sir Anthony throwing his hat into the ring has been the most interesting development.

Naturally it has had the wags chuckling, with jokes like - you will be able to buy a Jaguar in any colour you want so long as it's yellow.

A few people have suggested that Sir Anthony - known to have a likening for fine wine - could have allowed himself to be a little carried away. He might have deep pockets but Jaguar on past performance will likely test any man's fortune.

Yet I thought Sir Anthony's assessment had merit.

His turnaround plan was typically blunt but probably sound. "The little car (X-type) needs to go. The S-type is critical and the XJ is a very good car but it needs a re-skin."

Perhaps a little harsh though when he went on: "Jaguar is regarded in the world as a dog."

Now you might think putting Jaguar together with a digger-maker would be bizarre.

But Sir Anthony noted: "If private equity companies get involved they'll borrow from all over the place and sell it in three years."

And I quite agree.

Let's at all costs try and keep Jaguar out of the hands of the private equity brigade.

Making a case for his own stewardship, Sir Anthony claimed: "We've been in business for sixty years and I can see a long term future in Jaguar."

Bringing control of Jaguar back to the Midlands in a group as strong as JCB might not be such a bad thing.

So I hope Sir Anthony makes progress, although I have my doubts as to whether he will emerge victorious.

What then of the private equity crew?

One Equity Partners, part of JPMorgan Chase, and with former Ford chief executive Jacques Nasser a partner, has been linked with Ford's luxury brands, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo and Aston Martin.

Now that too is believable.

Ford has made a right pig's ear of its Premier Automotive Group and it might be time for someone else. After all, Nasser knows PAG back to front.

That would free Ford to concentrate on core products, make an alliance and produce the radical change Bill Ford is talking about.

That's the way I think it is pointing - others would disagree.

There is going to be change at Ford and I personally would be amazed if it owns Jaguar in a year. All very uncertain for the workforce.