Birmingham-based film financing and distribution company Intandem Films was in optimistic mood yesterday after telling shareholders it was on track to achieve an improvement on last year's inaugural results.

AIM-listed Intandem said it had quadrupled the number of films in its catalogue to 12, with total budgets in excess of £30.8 million.

It has signed agreements for the international sales rights to five completed American films, one Danish/Chile co-production currently in post production, a UK/American documentary which starts shooting in May, and two films due to start production in the summer, a thriller to be filmed in Brazil and an American horror film.

Intandem said it would earn sales commission of at least 15 per cent on sales of the films.

Revenues for the five completed movies will fall into the current year, while revenues on the other films are expected to be taken in the year ending June 30 2007, when they will be delivered.

The five completed films are Civic Duty, a thriller starring Peter Krause fromSix Feet Under, which will have its worldwide premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, The Orphan King and Statistics, which are two thrillers from Michel Shane, the executive producer of I Robot and Catch Me If You Can, and also two horror films from prolific producer Donald Kushner, Snuff-Movie and True True Lie.

Films in production are Black Pimpernel, a true story about the Swedish ambassador Harald Edelstam and his fight to save the lives of thousands of refugees during the Chilean military coup in 1973; and Heaven and Hell, a documentary about the hypocrisy surrounding religion, politics and the porn industry in the Bible Belt states of America.

Films due to start production in the summer are Flower in Brazil and Primal Scream.

Intandem said the films would be marketed at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Entrepreneur chairman Gary Smith said: "We are pleased to have added a portfolio of thrillers and horror films to our sales slate and are delighted at the quality of producers being attracted to Intandem, particularly in the United States."

In February Intandem reported a turnover for the six months to December 31 of £438,000 compared to the previous figure of £343,000.

The loss for the half year came in at £138,000.

However, Intandem insisted that the loss was "significantly less" than the £431,000 deficit which it posted in the six months to June 2005.