Car giant Jaguar Land Rover is sponsoring the manufacturing category at this year's Birmingham Post Business Awards. Here, the car giant looks back at a period of incomparable success

Jaguar Land Rover is the UK's largest automotive manufacturing business, built around two iconic British car brands: Land Rover is a world-renowned premium 4x4 brand while Jaguar is one of the world's premier luxury sports saloon and sports car brands.

Driving the business forward is a world-class team of around 30,000 people globally. In addition we support more than 190,000 UK jobs through the supply chain, dealer network and wider economy. Jaguar Land Rover has recruited 11,000 people over the past three years and has 1,000 young people on its current graduate and apprentice programmes to nurture new talent.

All of our cars are engineered and designed in Britain and while we have ambitious plans for global growth, the heart of the business remains in the UK.

We have invested billions of pounds in our state of the art production and R&D facilities here in the UK. Around 80 per cent of the cars produced at our three advanced manufacturing plants – in Halewood, Solihull and Castle Bromwich – are exported from the UK to more than 170 markets worldwide.

Solihull is a major manufacturing growth success story and has received almost £2 billion investment in the last three years, including the world's largest capacity automotive aluminium bodyshop facility. The plant, which now employs 7,200 people, works 24 hours a day to meet global demand for its products.

Castle Bromwich has received £201 million investment over the last three years and employs 3,000 people, of whom 1,100 were recruited in the past 3 years.

Jaguar Land Rover has invested £500 million in its new Engine Manufacturing Centre in Wolverhampton which will start production in 2015.

The plant, which will employ 1,400 people and create an additional 3,500 jobs in the supply chain, will produce a new family of advanced technology, low-emission, 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, named Ingenium. We have ambitions to expand our manufacturing footprint and increase production in markets outside Britain, particularly in China and Brazil.

These new facilities will allow us to reach more customers in more markets, making our business stronger and protecting our UK operations.

This output will supplement UK production. Through our Global CSR programme, we will create opportunities for 12 million people through education, humanitarian, conservation and environmental projects by 2020 to increase community and customer engagement in key overseas markets.

Today's car industry is as high-tech as aerospace and Jaguar Land Rover is at the centre of the UK automotive industry's drive to deliver technical innovation in all areas of vehicle development with our two state-of-the-art engineering and design facilities in Whitley and Gaydon in the West Midlands.

Jaguar Land Rover is the biggest investor in R&D in the manufacturing sector – ahead of British Aerospace and Rolls-Royce; Britain's third largest investor in research and development of any kind and also in the top 100 for all companies for global R&D spend.

In the year to March 2015, we will invest £3.5 billion in R&D and CAPEX, with a focus on reducing carbon emissions by developing innovative technologies to meet the needs of our customers and deliver on our legislative objectives.

Hybrids, pure electric power and more fuel efficient petrol and diesel Ingenium engines are all part of the plan. We are also committed to reducing the weight of our cars. Jaguar Land Rover is already the global leader in this area and makes a number of vehicles using revolutionary all-aluminium bodies, which greatly reducing the car's weight, and thus improve fuel economy – as well as improving performance, handling and comfort.

The Range Rover, for example, is up to 400kg lighter than the outgoing model. Its aluminium body actually weighs less than the steel body of a much smaller BMW 3-series.

Jaguar Land Rover will continue to excel and innovate in lightweight aluminium architectures. Jaguar Land Rover is a major investor in Corporate Social Responsibility.

A strong community is a necessary foundation for a successful business therefore strengthening the community invariably means strengthening local businesses. We invest around £3 million in community relations activities across the UK each year.

The company focuses on education, young people, environment and employee volunteering, with high level engagement in communities surrounding its design and manufacturing sites in the Midlands and Merseyside.

Jaguar Land Rover is the only car maker in the UK to achieve the highly regarded CommunityMark. The company was BITC Responsible Business of the Year 2013 in recognition of its significant investment in UK jobs and facilities, improving its environmental performance and increasing the skills and education opportunities for young people and existing employees.

We achieved top 'Platinum Big Tick' rating in BITC's Corporate Social Responsibility Index.

Jaguar Land Rover's 'Inspiring Tomorrow's Engineers' programme works closely with schools across the country to promote learning and engagement with STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects to help create the next generation of engineers and technologists.

328,000 students participated in the hugely popular programme in 2013. Twenty-two-thousand school children people visit our five Education Business Partnership Centres (EBPC) based at our UK sites each year and we will launch a new EBPC at our Engine Manufacturing Centre next year. Jaguar Land Rover runs several school challenge programmes to develop STEM skills and promote engineering careers through handson projects that enable students to explore different aspects of the automotive industry in a stimulating and exciting way.

We're proud of these achievements and look forward to celebrating the CSR accomplishments of other businesses from across the region.