Warwickshire cider-maker Hogan’s has signed a new business venture to ship the drink over the Atlantic for distribution to bars and taverns across America.

The enterprise came about after a search by US beer importer Shelton Brothers of Massachusetts for an authentic English cider. Shelton Brothers was recommended Hogan’s by another traditional cider maker from Herefordshire early last year.

The cider is currently in the process of being distributed to outlets as far apart as Nevada and the East Coast of the USA. It is also due to feature in a spring cider festival in Madison, Wisconsin.

Shelton Brothers vice president Ron Extract said "We believe the best drinks are made with a sense of place so we are proud to introduce cider from Hogan’s, a cider maker that sources only traditional cider apples from Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. Shelton Brothers specifically seeks out craftsmen who are passionate about making a natural and traditionally-made product and Hogan’s is an ideal example."

Allen Hogan from Hogan’s Cider said "Shelton Brothers has a well deserved reputation for scouring the international beer and cider producing regions and sourcing the very best from them. We are delighted that they have chosen Hogan’s draught cider to import from the UK.

Hogan’s Cider was launched in 2005 when Allen Hogan turned his twenty year hobby into a full-time business. It is Warwickshire’s only commercial cider producer and is based at Haselor, near Alcester.