An enterprising independent financial adviser has established a new business providing financial planning by women for women.

Women and Wealth was founded by 36-year-old Helen Jones after talks with businesswomen revealed they often felt more comfortable dealing with female advisers.

However, only around 1,100 of 23,000 IFAs in England are women.

"When I was doing research I found there were hardly any Midland women IFAs running their own companies ," said Ms Jones, who lives in Balsall Common.

"I wanted to give women an opportunity to talk to a woman about their financial affairs and to provide a different approach.

"Before becoming an IFA last year, I spent the previous five years working with and training IFAs.

"I was shocked by the emphasis some men put on simply selling when sometimes clients only need advice.

"I thought that by setting up on my own I could offer my clients the flexibility to keep their own products and, rather than earn commission, charge a retainer fee.

"I sit down with potential clients to understand their goals, aspirations and dreams which enables me to put together a financial plan to support where they are now and where they want to be in the future."

Ms Jones said her business name helped attract women who had been put off consulting IFAs through bad experiences.

Ms Jones also received a Mustard grant from Business Link which gave her the opportunity to spend three days in London with leading independent consultant Brett Davidson, from FP Transitions UK.

"I have been doing a great deal of networking which has enabled me to give talks to women involved in the worlds of tax efficient savings, pensions and property and I am excited with how everything is progressing."

Ms Jones now hopes to achieve £100,000 turnover in her first year, rising to £250,000 in three years.

"If I meet my goal I would like to start taking on staff at the beginning of next year," she said.