A Warwickshire small business has launched a new style of privilege card for businesses, associations and fund-raisers.

Named the Halcyon Card, it provides organisations with privileges, discounts and benefits from brands such as Cotton Traders, Old English Inns, Blackwell's, Thornton's confectionery and Littlewoods.

The card was devised by chief executive Carole Hathaway who, coming from a background in telesales and direct marketing, realised the potential of offering a new, attractive opportunity for companies.

Mrs Hathaway said the Halcyon Card is different because it offers co-branding opportunities for firms taking part in the scheme.

"Other privilege cards will have offers from many different companies, but will only feature a few of them, or none at all, on the card itself. The companies then have to rely on the card firm to promote themselves effectively.

"We offer companies a personalised card that will feature their logo alongside ourselves and they can choose what privileges to offer and how the cards are distributed. The price is similar to usual advertising costs.

"Commonly companies may choose to brand something like pens to try and promote themselves, but very often pens just get lost. With the Halcyon Card customers have an incentive to keep hold of it."

The card is valid for a year and also features local Warwickshire firms including Clarendon Complementary Health Centre in Leamington Spa and the Lady of Arden party boat in Wootton Wawen.

Officially launched this week, the company hopes that firms will continue to offer new privileges as awareness of the product increases.