The long arm of the law will be reaching out to help fundraisers get their own back on bosses who are prepared to be jailed and bailed.

The Birmingham Focus on Blindness Association is running its successful Jail and Bail fundraiser on September 18.

Each of the accused will face a noisy arrest at their place of work by real police officers and will be put into a prison outfit. The paparazzi will be on hand to capture the moment before they are transported to 'jail'. Once on route to the 'Jail', felons will need to call their friends to plead for bail money - a minimum of #500 bail money will facilitate a swift release.

The spokesman said: "Once at 'Jail' they will then be charged, fingerprinted and photographed before being fed their bread and soup lunch. If they're lucky they may be allowed to stretch their legs with a tour of the charity."

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