Network-based Giraffe Communications is celebrating the start of its fifth year - after boosting turnover by around 300 per cent.

Managing director Sarah Hughes said she was now looking to "grow" the operation further by building on its core strengths.

She said: "Because of Giraffe's flexible network approach, we're able to provide support that the client really needs, rather than services an agency has to sell."

When launching the Birmingham business she had a vision "that there was a gap in the market for big agency experience at small agency prices."

Over the last two to three years turnover at the business had increased by around 300 per cent.

Now the operation aims to build on its existing core network of around 12 freelancers, as well as contributing smaller agencies, called in to meet specific client needs.

Sarah has also taken on a deputy, Joanna Morrison, and over coming years envisages building a core staff team of around four.

The company, which provides a range of services from PR to event management, design and brand development, is celebrating a clutch of wins.

New clients include the Art Lounge in The Mailbox and Windmill, an independent demolition contractor.

The company has also been appointed by developer Urban Splash to provide ongoing PR and event management support to its projects in the West Midlands.

That appointment comes after Giraffe's launch of the revamped Rotunda and Fort-Dunlop for the developer.