A £4.5?million DIY spree is on the cards during Easter as homeowners attempt to add value to their properties.

According to the Co-operative Bank, the average household will spend £181 this weekend.

A survey by the bank showed that nearly a third of those who took part were planning to carry out work in a bid to add value to their property, while 28 per cent wanted to improve their home because they could not afford to move.

But 16 per cent of respondents said they were planning a DIY project so that they did not get bored; 13 per cent want to make their home more environmentally friendly, and nine per cent want to create more space for their family.

Homeowners are most likely to carry out work on their garden and lounge at 18 per cent followed by the main bedroom at 17 per cent and the kitchen at 15 per cent.

But while 33 per cent will be painting and 29 per cent will be gardening, just 12 per cent of those planning home improvements will be buying new furnishings.

Terry Jordan, head of mortgages at The Co-operative Bank, said: “With the slowdown in the property market, people are not moving house as much.

“Instead the research clearly shows that people are looking to make improvements to their homes.”