A new firm of financial advisers and stockbrokers made up of three former Edward Jones staff has launched in Birmingham.

AMP Wealth has been set up by Bart Dalton with partners Rob North and Anthony Levell, all three of whom used to work at US-owned financial services firm Edward Jones, which was taken over last year by Towry Law.

The trio believe they have spotted potential in the Birmingham market for their UK and US expertise combined with the fact they are licenced as stockbrokers and wealth managers.

The thio opted to name the firm AMP Wealth based on their “acquire, manage and protect” policy.

Mr Dalton said: “In our experience of dealing with nearly 2,500 clients over the past 13 years, people just want to understand that you care about their wealth and share an understanding of meaningful periods in their lives,” said Mr Dalton.

“Although we specialise in managing and protecting people’s wealth, one of the things we do first is help people acquire wealth. Make the money first before making the money work for them,” he added.

“My overall goal for our clients is to acquire, manage and protect their money over a meaningful period. Of course everybody has a different idea of a meaningful period.

“It could be a desire to first put children through college or university then, say, get a house in Spain, and then retire at 65.”

Mr Dalton, based in Harborne, will serve clients throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Mr Levell will focus on clients in Sutton Coldfield and Staffordshire while Mr North will concentrate on Birmingham and Worcestershire.

AMP Wealth said it would adopt a more entrepreneurial approach to helping clients with a focus on regular contact and introducing them to networking opportunities.

“If we can introduce clients to people who will enable them to develop business opportunities then it stands to reason that this will help them acquire greater wealth,” added Mr Dalton. “It is taking an extra step in helping clients.”

New regulations set out by the Financial Services Authority’s Retail Distribution Review insist that financial advisers are clear and transparent about what they are charging and what consumers are getting for their money.

“It means that every client needs to know how much they are paying and what they are paying for so there is a need for them to be financially educated,” said Mr Dalton.

“We want to go even further in teaching people how to generate wealth.

“Through the entrepreneurial side of AMP Wealth we will be helping people to do so by educating them.

“We need to make sure clients have enough now money, later money and never money to spread the load.”