International accountants and business advisor Mazars, which has an office in Birmingham, has signed a major integration agreement with a Thai firm.

The deal will see Thai-based Double Impact Group become the first accounting firm in Thailand to fully integrate into an international partnership.

The Mazars business model is unique in that individual partners and shareholders, whilst remaining as owners of the business in each country, also simultaneously become full partners of the global firm.

John Mellows, head of Asia Pacific for Mazars based in Singapore, said: "Having a strong presence in Thailand is now very important for us given how many of our European listed audit clients have a significant presence in Thailand."

Bruce Darrington, DIG's founder and now managing partner of Mazars in Thailand added: "We are delighted to join an integrated global partnership, which is currently the only one that exists in the accounting profession today."

He said that last year, when the firm considered its future strategies it came to the conclusion that its business model was the best way for the Thai venture to develop."