A Scottish financial services firm has opened a new operation in Birmingham city centre.

Edinburgh-based Jumpstart has launched a new base in Newhall Street where it will offer services in tax relief for companies working in research and development.

Wendy Smith has been appointed as business development manager for the region and will be responsible for engaging with 100 local firms in the first year to build a network of professional intermediaries, including accountants, lawyers and business consultants.

She is joined by colleagues Sandy Findlay and Anthony Beak in launching the new office.

Jumpstart is solely focused on presenting submissions to the HMRC and employs teams with scientific and technical knowledge to identify and justify eligible projects for R&D tax relief including chemists, engineers and material scientists.

Ms Smith said: "The West Midlands is rich in manufacturing expertise, especially across automotive, aerospace and rail, making it a natural fit for the next part of our expansion.

"These type of firms, who thrive on innovation and doing things differently, are in a perfect position to claim significant R&D tax relief but so many don't take advantage or they do not use a partner that gets them the best possible return.

"If the region was as effective at claiming its R&D tax relief as its counterparts in London and the South East, we estimate it could be between £47 million and £64 million per year better off.

"That's a lot of cash for reinvestment in new equipment, plant and jobs. We've already had over 110 successful claims in the West Midlands so we know the area and we know what works.

"This latest investment reinforces our commitment and our desire to double the number of firms we support by 2018.

"It's an exciting time to be investing in the region and growing our presence in the West Midlands."