TroopAid, which supports the injured armed forces’ troops returning to the UK from war zones including Afghanistan, has a new set of wheels thanks to a £5,000 donation by the Birmingham Business Group of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB).

Peter McHugh, construction lawyer and partner at law firm Challinors, and president of the FMB in Birmingham, said: “The FMB’s aim is to raise money for local charities, specifically those that do not have much financial support or backing.

“The work of TroopAid is such an important lifeline for members of the armed forces who are amputees or badly burned victims of war, who often return to the UK for treatment and convalescence with nothing more than the clothes they are wearing.”

* Pictured are Ian Fowler from CP Bigwood, with David Quince from QSP, Mr McHugh and Al Sutton from Troop Aid.