An entrepreneur on a mission to make people from Birmingham and the Black Country loud and proud about their heritage, is looking for investors to take his business to the next level.

Donato Esposito is the founder of Bostin - a cult fashion business celebrating Birmingham and the Black Country with logos such as "Yummy Brummy", "Yummy Yammy" and, of course "Bostin", a Black Country word meaning "brilliant".

Mr Esposito registered Bostin as a trademark in 2002, after watching Black Country Rock, a musical by his brother - ex-Birmingham poet laureate Giovanni Esposito, aka "Spoz".

He said: "When they were using the word Bostin in the show it brought back fond memories of my childhood growing up in and around Birmingham.

"I started the brand because I wanted to promote a positive image about Birmingham and the Black Country.

"I have worked all over UK and Europe and some people often have a negative image of the West Midlands, so this is a way of shouting about what is good about our area ... or should I say Bostin!"

Since its launch, Bostin has developed a cult following amongst a number of young people in the city, and has featured in regional and national media worn by personalities such as BBC presenter Adrian Chiles and DJ Phil Upton.

The company - which is currently inter-net based - now has suppliers in the Black Country, Europe and the US and makes 20 per cent of its sales overseas.

Mr Esposito said: "We find that overseas orders predominantly come from ex pats or Australians who have lived in the region for a while and want a T-shirt as a memento. But there's so many reasons why people like the brand. Some people in the US have thought it's just a curious misspelling of Boston!"

Mr Esposito, who lives in Rubery and is also a freelance IT consultant, said he was now looking for a business mentor to help raise the profile of the brand and to secure a deal to supply it to retailers.

The 46-year-old, father of two, said: "I have been approached by a number of retail outlets who want to stock the Bostin range, but at the moment the mark-up is prohibitive.

"I need guidance more than anything - a mentor in the clothing industry.

"I know I have a talent for networking and my forte is getting the word out, but as far as clothing and distribution and manufacturing is concerned there is someone with more expertise out there that could develop the brand."

Mr Esposito said his ultimate aim would be for the brand to be instantly recognisable.

He said: "It's so simple - Bostin can be applied to anything from T-shirts to mobile phones. And it creates such a positive feeling, it's a really great word.

"Obviously I'd love to support myself and the kids. But it would be great if it could go bigger. If Richard Branson can do it with Virgin, why can't it be done with Bostin?"