Campaigner Eugenie Harvey will be sharing her inspirational vision at the next Thrive forum, which promises to be more than just a talking shop.

The driving force behind the international movement We Are What We Do will be helping to show guests how to put ideas into action.

Thrive enthusiasts are welcome to take part in the session at The Rep in Birmingham on Tuesday, October 9th from 6pm which will be targeted at newly appointed graduates and trainees who have started work in the city in 2007.

Eugenie will share her inspirational vision for changing the world and her own story of how she gave up a well-paid city PR job and her dream flat to lead the worldwide movement.

City-based charities and a series of Thrive-inspired initiatives will offer the audience the chance to get involved now, with temptations from charity sleep-outs, the chance to recycle unused suits and an Apprentice-style challenge.

Eugenie and WAWWD education officer Nick Stanhope will be launching a nationwide appeal among school students for the next set of 50 actions and an exciting Birmingham community initiative.

Attendees will also be tempted by the chance to win one of three designer WAWWD 'I'm Not a Plastic Bag' bags, designed by Anya Hindmarch, which are fetching as much as #50 on eBay.

This latest Thrive forum ties in with the campaign to support the city's new generation of workers being run by Birmingham Future, the influential networking group for young professionals,

The organisation is holding a 'Welcome to Birmingham' get together for newly appointed graduates and trainees on Tuesday, October 3 at the Council House. Event organiser Mark Triggs said: "This is a chance for people building a career here to have a lot of fun and get involved in a hands-on practical way."

The event costs #20.00 +VAT per person and an early response is advised as the suite takes an absolute maximum of only 150 people.

* Register & pay online at Or by e-mail to