The Dixons name is to dis-appear from the high street after almost 70 years, its owner has revealed.

DSG International will use the "" banner for its 190 Dixons stores as it merges its two core operations to create a new 550-shop division.

While the Dixons name will remain in use for DSG's e-commerce operation, the stores move ends a presence on the high street dating back to 1937.

DSG said the move gave Dixons customers access to a wider range of products, including kitchen appliances, while maintaining a focus on digital technology. The use of Currys stores meant the group's technology would be available in a greater number of sites.

Chief executive John Clare said he believed the Dixons name had a strong future as an internet operation, while Currys concentrated on the "bricks and mortar" side of trading.

He said: "The Dixons brand and the Currys brand have been around a long time and we expect them to be around for many generations to come. The web is an important part of retailing today."

Mr Clare denied the move reflected poor trading at the Dixons stores, highlighting their solid Christmas performance - like-for-like sales up eight per cent over the eight weeks to January 7.

"A lot of the issue is around selling electricals, which is relatively low margin, in the high street - whether that's able to stay will depend upon on what happens to rent and rates inflation over time," he added.

The initial conversion of Dixons stores to is expected to start early next month.

All staff working within Dixons will be transferred to Currys and DSG said it did not anticipate job cuts.

Six Dixons stores in the Republic of Ireland are unaffected by the rebranding, as are Dixons' 21 tax-free airport stores.

The move follows a trial scheme involving the conversion of Dixons outlets at Belfast and Orpington in Kent.

Mr Clare said the move would enable DSG to offset rising rates and rents by offering the maximum amount of products from its store space.

He added: "Some customers will feel nostalgic. To those people I say this is not a decision we have taken lightly. But the strength of our bricks and mortar operation has enabled us to make this important move. The web is the fastest growing area and it will continue to increase its share of the cake."

Mr Clare said Sir Stanley Kalms - son of Dixons' founder Charles Kalms - had been consulted on the groundbreaking move. Sir Stanley stepped down as chairman in 2002.

Mr Clare added: "Sir Stanley thinks this is a great idea. We have made a video for staff which he agreed to feature in.

"So we have him on tape telling everyone in the business how he wished he had thought of the idea."

DSG employs more than 40,000 in the UK and Europe.

Mr Clare added: "We now intend to become the most successful electrical retailer on the web."