Chase Norton Construction, part of property developer Chase Midland, has brought a key Coventry tourist attraction back to life.

The company has completed major refurbishment works to the Lunt Fort in Baginton, a project that lasted 16 weeks and cost £65,000.

The project included major repair and structural works to the gateway and the demolition and rebuilding of the ramparts.

Over the years, the fort had severely deteriorated and in 1999 the ramparts and gateway were declared unsafe for public use - a move which led to visitor numbers dropping from more than 20,000 a year to less than 17,000.

Roger Vaughan, arts and heritage officer, Coventry City Council, said: "Coventry and the surrounding areas have many hidden treasures, including the Lunt Roman Fort which was partially reconstructed in the 1960s and 1970s.

"Unfortunately, in recent years, visitor numbers have dropped off because of the condition of the ramparts and gateway which were inaccessible to the public.

"However, now that building works are complete we are certain it will serve, once again, as an important asset to the city. It is a particularly popular destination for school visitors who come from all over the Midlands."

Meanwhile, Broadway Parish Council and charity Signpost have moved into new offices at The Russells, the £20 million re-development of the former Gordon Russell works in Broadway.

Both moves mark yet another important milestone for the scheme undertaken by Chase Homes.

Due for completion in October, the development will eventually comprise 76 two and three-storey homes and apartments, sheltered housing and a commercial element - the latter, of which, the Parish Council and Signpost now form a part.

Signpost is a local charity which relies heavily upon its premises to carry out its work. It allows support agencies, without a presence in the area, to use its offices as a base so that local residents are able to visit them without having to travel long distances. The charity was previously situated, on a temporary basis, within offices at the local police station.

Spokeswoman for Signpost, Penny Ingles said: "Our new office is not only well located, but also user-friendly and we expect that even more agencies will now be able to offer help and advice to those who need it in the local community."

And Chase Partnership Homes, the social housing division of Chase Midland, has secured its first two contracts since its inception at the start of this year.

These have been awarded by Family Housing Association (Birmingham) and form part of a £1.5 million neighbourhood regeneration scheme in Edgbaston, Birmingham.

The neighbourhood scheme is funded by Urban Living, one of the nine Market Renewal Pathfinders launched by the Government three years ago and comes after Family was selected by Birmingham City Council as a preferred development and management partner in the area.

Together the two contracts, in Link Road and Gillott Road, Edgbaston, will include more than £500,000 of building improvement works and are predicted to take a total of 16 weeks to complete.