A website which allows people to quiz politicians directly has received a second injection of funding from 4iP and Screen WM.

The exact total of the investment in Yoosk.com was not disclosed although Screen WM said it was a six-figure sum.

The project, which is based in Warwickshire, enables people to put questions to MPs and other public figures and vote on which questions they would most like to see answered.

Answers are then posted onto the website and users can rate and comment on the answers.

The money put up by the funders will be used to help the site reach out to more users using APIs and widgets, Facebook applications and Twitter.

Its vision is for politicians and other public figures to be available to the public for interviews and online conversations in order to get more people involved in the political process.

Yoosk.com founder and chief executive Tim Hood said: “By creating open APIs and widgets, we will attract much more targeted interaction with our service.

“For example; we might see environmental groups embedding widgets on their community sites that only extract and invite questions and comment regarding the environment.

“It’s a natural next step for us as a service.”

“We are extremely happy that 4iP and Screen West Midlands have continued to support Yoosk in its development,” said Mr Hood.

“We are already receiving some incredible feedback from our users about the way that the service is helping them to influence decision makers and our clients now consider us to be a trusted partner in reaching out to the public.”

Yoosk.com, which is working with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Ministry of Justice, was given another undisclosed amount of funding in March this year when it became the first project to attract joint 4iP investment from Channel 4 and Screen WM.

Tom Loosemore, head of 4iP said: “We have always been interested in projects that provide tools for the public to hold power to account and Yoosk is an innovative and effective way of doing this.

“By providing a second round of funding we believe we can help bring Yoosk into the mainstream, making it a key tool for members of the public keen to interact with public figures and politicians, which will become even more important in the run-up to a general election.”

Recent questions posted on Yoosk.com include questions to MPs about issues such as linking to hyperlocal news website and expenses and the digital economy. Sion Simon, for example, recently responded to a post about proposed copyright legislation after it was raised on the site.

The 4iP fund is a collaboration between Channel 4 and Screen WM, which has match-funded Channel 4’s £5 million.

The fund aims to kick start a new wave of investment in public service digital media.