North Warwickshire-based agency Wyndham-Leigh has unveiled its latest TV ad promoting DVLA personalised registrations.

Called Transformation, the 30-second advert uses a series of vehicles parked outside their owners’ homes set against the sound of computer keyboards being tapped.

Towards the end of each scene and on cue with each concluding keyboard tap the vehicles’ number plates metamorphisise into personalised registrations.

The concluding scene, which reveals a woman sitting at her computer viewed from in front of her car, confirms the connection with buying online.

The campaign, which starts this week and runs for one month across terrestrial and satellite channels, coincides with the launch of a new website supporting online purchasing, designed and managed by WL Digital, Wyndham-Leigh’s digital arm.

Wyndham-Leigh managing partner Justin Fisher said: “Personalised registrations are about individualism and self expression.

“Our research shows that people like to engage with the product in their own way and associate it positively with their lifestyles.

‘‘Transformation is designed to help this process.”