A Worcestershire software firm is making a splash down under after impressing with its online service to capture address data.

Postcode Anywhere is now set to provide its services to a large technology company in New South Wales, a contract which will give the firm a foothold in the extensive Australian addressing market which is worth an estimated £40 million.

Postcode Anywhere supplies software and services to more than 8,000 organisations worldwide and is a market leader in the UK for online address auto-fill.

The firm has been working with UKTI (UK Trade & Investment) to expand its operation overseas and recently returned from a successful visit to Australia.

CEO Guy Mucklow said while the business was firmly established in the UK it was a newcomer to exporting but saw Australlia as an ideal fit.

“We’ve have had our eye on the Australian market for a while - with a similar culture, legal and tax systems, the country is the perfect springboard for us and an excellent strategic location for straddling time zones across the globe,” he said.

“However, venturing into overseas markets can be a daunting experience for any business and is not without its risks. That’s where working with an organisation such as UKTI can help.”

The Worcester-based firm initially commissioned a UKTI Overseas Market Information Service (OMIS) report to identify the best opportunities in Australia. The company followed this up with a visit to the country supported by UKTI.

Mr Mucklow added: “The UKTI office in Melbourne helped us by identifying and setting up a series of meetings with potential partners and customers.  The result was a jam-packed schedule of almost 30 meetings over 10 days that were arranged to suit my travel arrangements.”

“All in all, I was really impressed by what UKTI managed to achieve. For my £3,000 investment in an OMIS report, I had some exceptionally positive meetings with people who were not only interested in what we are doing, but also in a position to place orders. We are delighted to now be working towards providing a service for a large strategic partner based in New South Wales who will resell our technology as their own, with their own branding.”

British exports to Australia were worth nearly £11 billion in 2012 and Australia is the UK’s 11th biggest export market – larger than Japan, Russia, India and Canada.

Australia is ranked by the World Bank as the world’s 10th easiest country in which to do business. Unlike the UK, and most other countries round the world, it has not suffered a recession for 23 years and the strong Australian dollar makes British products and services very affordable.