Channel 4’s 4talent magazine in the Midlands has been axed after the broadcaster withdrew its financial support for the venture.

The broadcaster is cutting three jobs in the region as the Central England 4talent website, print magazine and on-the-ground activities disappear, along with editorial hubs in other regions.

The move comes as Channel 4 said earlier this month that it was to cut a total of 200 jobs, one-third more than initially announced, in an effort to bring down costs in the face of a worsening advertising market.

But James Estill, outgoing senior producer of 4talent Networks, said he would be working with the 4Talent team to continue the work of 4talent in a commercial setting.

4Talent magazine, formerly TEN4, comes out twice a year. It is split into three sections, one details how big-name talent share their inspirations, a second section looks at on how emerging talent steps into the spotlight and a third providies advice and information on opportunities.

Sold in Borders stores across the United Kingdom, as well as in stores owned by the Zaavi chain which went into administration last week, the magazine was also distributed through selected independent outlets and at creative events and festivals, including Edinburgh Film, Comedy and TV Festivals.

Channel 4 said its regional presence will continue through 4iP, a joint-funded initiative to encourage innovative public-service projects online.