Channel 4 has asked Birmingham-based Maverick Television to produces a series of its hugely successful show Embarrassing Bodies which focuses specifically on problems caused by being overweight.

As the nation’s waistband expands, Embarrassing Fat Bodies, the show’s working title, will look at the physical conditions caused by obesity as well as the long-lasting effect being overweight has on the body internally and externally, even once a person has lost weight.

The four-part series will expand further Maverick Television’s Embarrassing Bodies brand which has already featured specials such as Embarrassing Teen Bodies, Embarrassing Old Bodies and next month will see the launch of Embarrassing Bodies: Kids.

The main Embarrassing Bodies series is enjoying continued ratings success with the current run averaging 3.4 million viewers and 13.5 per cent share of viewing, up 17 per cent on series two.

The new show will address issues such as type II diabetes and whether being overweight really is something that can be passed on genetically.

It will also feature the science behind fat and how even apparently slim people can carry dangerous fat levels inside their bodies.

Kate Teckman, Channel 4 features commissioning editor, has commissioned a further 18 episodes of Embarrassing Bodies, recognising its public service broadcasting (PSB) credentials.

“It’s a testament to the fabulous team at Maverick in Birmingham who every week comb the UK hunting down cases that help to demystify some of the most ordinary and extraordinary conditions.

“It’s quintessentially Channel 4 and PSB with capital letters.”

Maverick Television executive producer Steph Harris said: “There’s a huge appetite for programmes about weight loss and diets but this will be the first series that goes underneath the skin to look at all the worrying medical conditions associated with obesity and continues to expand the brand and deliver a real public service.”

Embarrassing Bodies continued success on screen has also been replicated online with the launch last month of Embarrassing Bodies: Live – the first live switchover show to be hosted online at

More than 40,000 viewers tuned in to see a live web programme featuring all three doctors as they interacted first hand with viewers and case studies from the night’s programme.

Earlier this year Maverick Television announced it had been commissioned to produce a new show for BBC Two which will see Dragon’s Den star Theo Paphitis delve behind the scenes in the retail industry.

The TV and digital media production com will be making The Buying Game, which goes behind closed doors at some of the biggest names in UK retail to expose the secret world of buying.

Maverick is also leading a consortium to deliver a £15 million contract over five years with the NHS to allow people to access health services online.