A Birmingham retail design agency was the creative force behind the appearance of the latest flagship fashion store to open on London’s Oxford Street.

Jewellery Quarter-based Green Room Retail provided New Look’s window concept for the store on London’s most famous shopping street, which opened earlier this month.

The new store is located at Oxford Circus, one of the most coveted retail locations in Europe, so New Look’s brief to Green Room Retail was to create a frontage which was not only suitable for its prime location but capable of achieving exceptional impact among the many competing brands nearby.

The design had to work with shoppers on the adjacent pavement, the far pavement and bus passengers as well as signpost the four floors of fashions in the store.

Richard Ash, chief executive and founder of Green Room Retail, said: “I genuinely believe we’ve pushed innovation and broken new ground with this project, raising the standard of visual merchandising for high street brands.

“We have borrowed inspiration from a wide variety of sources, from nightclubs to advertising hardware to New York couture, and brought it all together to create something new and exciting.

“The standout this store achieves against its neighbours is demonstrable and, as a greater number of people are attracted into the store, that will translate into sales.

“With the estimated annual footfall on Oxford Street exceeding 70 million, our opportunity was obvious.

“The scheme is not only a visual treat but operates on a number of levels with each display earning its place in the scheme by appealing to each audience in turn, without being exclusive.

“Every phase tells a story, creates intrigue, invites temptation and sells the brand proposition.

“It’s a commercially and aesthetically sound design that will serve New Look well for years to come.”

The focal point of the two-storey, three-window display features a series of oversized and illuminated acrylic cantilevered stairs extending out from a brightly coloured backdrop.

Dressed male and female mannequins showcase the clothes inside, while the steps can be illuminated in an infinite number of sequences and colours to provide theatre and visual excitement.

New Look design concept manager Fran Theanne said: “The Green Room Retail team have been key partners in the development of this store, working seamlessly with our architects and shopfitting team to deliver the project with comparative ease.

“Their infectious enthusiasm, retail savvy, and creative and engineering ingenuity has resulted in a stunning design befitting of a flagship store.”

This contract is not the firm’s first time working with big names outside Birmingham - Green Room Retail was also recently drafted in to help launch the new Manchester City football strip in its home city by Umbro.