Viral games specialist Koko Digital has created a new game for car insurance comparison site - Cara's Dune Buggy Dash.

Based around's latest 'Calypso' TV advertisement, which features the characters exploring a tropical destination in their dune buggy, the game has been designed with the importance of car insurance in mind.

Playing the game as Cara, the user is propelled along sand dunes in an attempt to outrun a sand storm, along the way you can collect stars and bonuses to boost your score.

Cara's Dune Buggy Dash game follows a simplistic yet addictive format with the user coming back to try and top the high score board.

The campaign aims ot drive traffic to the Confused brand and raise awareness of their Nectar points promotion.

Fiona Creedon, head of advertising at, said: "We were looking for a fun and interesting way to raise awareness of the brand and our current Nectar promotion.

"Cara's Dune Buggy Dash was the perfect way to extend our range of highly successful online games and apps. Koko have also created a bespoke Facebook version of the game which serves to spread the name virally as well as driving traffic to our website."

Cara's Dune Buggy Dash can be played at