To encourage the growth of local ICT (information and communication technology) companies regional development agency Advantage West Midlands is funding a limited number of quality accreditations from Accredit UK.

The Accredit UK scheme is a quality standard that is designed to allow businesses to prove their excellence. Holders can prove that they have the right people, excellent processes and a track record of first-class performance.

Purchasers of ICT can use Accredit UK mark to identify the best suppliers in the industry.

To get certified to the Accredit UK Standard, any supplier must prove that their processes stand out from their competitors.

Accredit UK is currently running a limited promotion of reduced cost certifications and the chance for some companies to also attain the certification.

Vaughan Shayler, programme director for Accredit UK, said: "We are extremely pleased to be able to help local ICT companies.

"This is a great opportunity for West Midlands ICT companies to get certified for less.

"Our research shows that 87 per cent of IT purchasers want their supplier to hold a quality standard." n To find out more about the offer see