Marketing Birmingham has recruited a new head of marketing to drive its leisure and business tourism campaigns.

Emma Gray joins from An Agency Called England and has extensive experience in destination marketing having worked at Leeds City Council and then Marketing Leeds for a total of five years.

She said: “Birmingham today is vibrant and cosmopolitan, with plenty to offer to visitors. Perception is everything though and the work that Marketing Birmingham is doing to improve perceptions is vital to ensuring the city remains competitive and continues to attract visitors.”

“When I left Birmingham seven years ago having worked at Birmingham Arts Marketing, people were very complimentary about Leeds and said how envious they were I was relocating there.

“Now that I’ve made the move in reverse, in all honesty the response from people has been mixed. Those people who have been to Birmingham are full of praise for it and don’t question the move, but some of those who aren’t familiar with the city still hold outdated views.

“Marketing Birmingham conducts annual surveys which show a steady improvement in perceptions nationally.”