Digital experts in the West Midlands have welcomed Gordon Brown’s recognition that the digital revolution “lies at the heart” of Britain’s economic recovery.

In a keynote speech to leading players from the fields of broadcasting and technology at the Digital Summit, the Prime Minister said the country must embrace new media to compete on the global stage.

He said: “Only by embracing a digital Britain and taking a lead in the global digital economy can we maintain our competitiveness as one of the world’s leading economic and industrial powers in years to come.”

Andy Wood, strategy director at Freestyle, one of the Midlands’ biggest digital agencies, said Mr Brown’s speech was an obvious confirmation of the importance of digital both to business, politics and in terms of social interaction.

“The growth seen over the last ten years means we are really there now in terms of the internet as a social tool.

“The comments he makes about the sector being the road to recovery ring true from an agency perspective.

“We have found a lot of interest from business since the recession kicked in.

“Digital is a way for businesses to become more cost-effective in terms of what they do. If this sort of investment in digital tools is pushed at a governmental level it can only be good news for business in general, the economy as well as agencies like us in the region.”

Dave Harte, economic development manager at Digital Birmingham said it was especially interesting Mr Brown highlighted the need for more courses in digital skills.

“One of the key issues going forward is the need to focus not just on making sure we have got the right pipes.

“It’s about empowering people to make the best use of digital technology. Digital literacy will be more important as an empowering tool and far more important than whether people have two Megabits.”