A comic created in the Midlands is to be turned into a nine-episode motion comic series by a US firm - just months after being selected to become a Hollywood movie.

Dare Comics founder Adam Hamdy, from Shropshire, will see his firm’s debut title The Hunter produced as a series by Michigan-based production company PixoFactor Entertainment.

In December, Mr Hamdy announced Los Angeles-based production company Scarlet Fire Entertainment would create the movie adaptation of The Hunter, which is about a contemporary superhero set against the backdrop of organised crime.

PixoFactor is also developing a downloadable interactive game based on The Hunter, which will be released alongside the motion comic.

Details of the game are a closely-guarded secret but PixoFactor president Sean Hurwitz said: “The Hunter has a unique set of powers that have enabled us to incorporate some stunning gameplay.

“Linking the game to the motion comic series is going to allow us to do things the world has never seen before.”

The Hunter launched to widespread critical acclaim and quickly built an international readership that stands at more than 130,000 through its innovative print and online distribution strategy.

Writer and creator Mr Hamdy is enthusiastic about the opportunities motion comics offer global audiences.

“Motion comics are a 21st century artform that can be distributed through traditional media such as television or DVD, but are also ideal for the internet, wireless and handheld devices,” he said.

“By developing a game that runs alongside The Hunter motion comic series, PixoFactor is taking this nascent artform a stage further and developing a truly unique experience for fans.”

PixoFactor president Sean Hurwitz said: “The Hunter has captured imaginations around the world and stands out in a very crowded marketplace.”

Motion comics are well-suited to a variety of distribution channels.

“The first motion comics have begun to hit television screens around the world, and it is easy to see why,” said Mr Hurwitz.

“They offer low-cost, well-told, original stories to broadcasters who are crying out for content. The quality of The Hunter motion comic series, and its unusually extensive run, means we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to release strategies,” he said.

It has been a fruitful few months for Dare Comics with the announcement in December that Los Angeles-based production company, Scarlet Fire Entertainment, has come on board to produce the movie adaptation of The Hunter.

Mr Hamdy will produce the movie adaption alongside Scarlet Fire, as well as write the feature screenplay. Dare has also recently signed a deal to distribute The Hunter as a monthly title in India.