Birmingham City Council has emerged as one of the winners in the Government's annual technology awards.

The awards recognise the best in technology-driven services that have positively transformed the lives of members of the public. Birmingham was named winner of the leadership & professionalism category for its business transformation agenda.

Over ten years it will be implementing a strategy planned to save around £1 billion and increase the council's efficiency, while improving the quality of service.

In a video address to the ceremony, the Prime Minister praised the "initiative, drive and commitment" of the local and central government workers who are using technology to improve public services.

"The growing use of information technology is an important factor in people's rising aspirations - and these aspirations don't get left behind when they use public services.

"Today's citizens are quite rightly demanding more and technology has the capacity to provide it, breaking new ground and helping to achieve new goals," Mr Brown said.

Cabinet Office minister Gillian Merron, who presented the awards with the Govern-ment's chief information officer John Suffolk, also said: "Technology is bringing an everincreasing range of benefits to the public.

"It has the potential to re-shape public services and, at the centre of this, change people's lives for the better.

"Government has a key role to play to ensure services fit around diverse needs and lifestyles - it's about making sure that people in this country can access services how they want them and when they want them.

"We can only achieve this with the right attitude and the right people, we recognise the fantastic work across the public sector, and these awards are an ideal opportunity to reward those leading and delivering best practice."