Advertising and marketing agency Cogent Elliott has been appointed as lead creative agency for all communications relating to Birmingham’s Town Hall and Symphony Hall, known as THSH.

The agency will act as the central point for creation of all promotional materials and will work closely with the THSH in-house marketing team to build a consistent brand across all marketing collateral. Cogent has been briefed to initially manage the creation of all publications, print, display advertising, posters, and other promotional activities, and will then begin to implement more digital and customer relationship management strategies in order to drive ticket sales. The agency has just launched a Spring Campaign for THSH involving both online and offline media in the form of banners, emails, posters, 48 sheets and leaflets.

Alongside this, a new look and feel for all THSH communications has been developed, which is currently being rolled out. This look and feel will then be used across all communications throughout the year.