West Midlands computer manufacturer and retail firm Rock Group has fallen into administration.

The Warwick company, which employs around 25 staff and has a turnover of approximately £5 million, specialises in high performance laptops aimed at the gaming sector.

Adminstrators Dominic Wong and David Langton of Deloitte are still hoping the company can be sold as a going concern.

Mr Wong said they were working closely with the management of Rock to attempt to secure a sale of the business as a going concern.

"Attempts are being made to achieve an early sale of the business and assets as a going concern, and we are currently liaising with a number of potentially interested parties in this regard," he said.

Rock's failure was partly attributed to cash flow difficulties as a result of stock misappropriation by a former employee. This led to suppliers reducing credit limits, further adversely impacting upon cash flows.

In addition, recent difficulties faced by Rock in obtaining regular supplies of key components meant it had effectively ceased to trade prior to the administrators' appointment.

Rock was was established in 1992. In 2003, it was ranked as one of the fastest growing privately owned firms.

Last December, Rok Entertainment Group, the UK based mobile technologies, applications and entertainment development company, acquired a 51 per cent controlling interest in Rock.