A new timelapse video shows how the demolition of the Central Library building kicked on a gear in January.

High reach excavators tore off tonnes of concrete from the exterior of the divisive building , which is being knocked down to make way for the Paradise regeneration scheme .

The video shows all the activity in January sped up to less than a minute and shows the north and south elevations of the library being consigned to history.

Meanwhile, work has begun to demolish the internal structure of the building and the gyratory bridge.

The machinery can also be seen removing parts of the platform on which the library stands and taking away the rubble for recycling.

More than 30,000 cubic metres of concrete, enough to fill 12 Olympic-sized swimming pools, will be crushed, half of which will be re-used on site.

Construction of the first phase of Paradise, which will comprise two office buildings totalling more than 350,000 sq ft together with the enhancement of Chamberlain Square, is due to begin in mid-2016.